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Frequently Asked Questions

Helping You Understand Your Options

Are my family members included?

Yes, depending on the plan selection, your immediate family members can be included in the plan. If your family has grown since you signed up for one of our plans, you are able to update your account to include this new family member (spouse or child).

For the Select Plan, please click the link below to add your dependant:

Click Here

For the Employee Advantage Plan, please click the link below to add your dependant:

Click Here

Do I ever have to pay for x-rays or exams?

No, smilebuilderz will provide these services free of charge for the lifetime of the membership.

Are there waiting periods for enrollment or procedures?

Your SDP card is immediately active and can be used at any of our locations.

Can I use my Smilebuilderz Dental Plan card just for my children’s braces or my spouse’s root canal?

Yes, you can use any of the specialists at smilebuilderz including Orthodontists (braces), Endodontists (root canal), Periodontists (gum and implant), Pediatric Dentists (children’s care), and Oral Surgeons (wisdom teeth extraction).

Do you accept traditional insurances?

Yes, smilebuilderz accepts most insurances. smilebuilderz Dental Plan cannot be combined with existing insurances.

Do I have to re-enroll?

No, you will auto-renew annually unless you contact us 30 days prior to annual renewal. Please contact us if a change to your plan is required.

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